New Found Land

by Tom Holt

The world was flat when I met you
And everything I'd learned was true;
The place of men below and heaven above.
But then to my surprise I found
That suddenly the world was round,
The day I sailed over the edge of love.

And all the maps, when I met you,
Showed one small dot ringed round with blue
The mortal world below, and heaven above.
Out by the edge so very far
Were marked the realms where dragons are,
Guarding the way over the edge of love

It was impossible;
No human being could survive
That journey and come out alive
Across that sea too vast to understand.
It was impossible;
But from the moment I first saw you
I knew I had to explore you;
My America, my new-found land.

Beyond the limits I once knew
I set my course and steer by you;
You are the star that guides me from above.
And now on every side of me
The blue sky merges with the sea,
Leading me over the edge of love

Text reproduced with permission.

2000 Uwe Milde

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