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- Douglas Adams

- Bibliography

Hitchhiker Series:
 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1979)
 The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (1980)
 Life, the Universe and Everything (1982)
 So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (1984)
 Mostly Harmless (1992)

 Young Zaphod Plays it Safe (Short Story)

Dirk Gently Series:
 Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
 The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (1988)

 Last Chance to See (with Mark Carwardine)
 The (Deeper) Meaning of Liff (1990, with John Lloyd)
 The Utterly, Utterly Merry Comic Relief Christmas Book (Edited by Douglas Adams and Peter Finchman)

 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Infocom textadventure)
 Starship Titanic (Computer game, novelisation by Terry Jones)

- Other Resources

 Don't Panic - Douglas Adams & The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (by Neil Gaiman, Biographie and Bibliographie of Douglas  Adams and his works. Second and revised edition 1993, first edition published as: 'Don't Panic: The official Hitchhiker's Guide to the  Galaxy Companion' 1988)

- The Digital Village
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- Terry Pratchett

- Bibliography

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 The Carpet People (1971/1992)
 The Dark Side of the Sun (1976)
 Strata (1981)

The Nome Series:
 Truckers (1989)
 Diggers (1990)
 Wings (1990)

Johnny Maxwell Series:
 Only You Can Save Mankind - If Not You, Who Else? (1992)
 Johnny and the Dead (1993)
 Johnny and the Bomb (1996)

 The Unadultered Cat (1989, with Jay Jolliffe)

 Good Omens (1990, with Neil Gaiman)

Discworld Series:
 The Colour of Magic (1983)
 The Light Fantastic (1986)
 Equal Rites (1987)
 Mort (1987)
 Sourcery (1988)
 Wyrd Sisters (1988)
 Pyramids (The Book of Going Forth, 1989)
 Guards! Guards! (1989)
 Eric Faust (1990, illustrated by Josh Kirby)
 Moving Pictures (1990)
 Reaper Man (1991)
 Witches Abroad (1991)
 Small Gods (1992)
 Lords and Ladies (1992)
 Men at Arms (1993)
 Soul Music (1994)
 Interesting Times (1994)
 Maskerade (1995)
 Feet of Clay (1996)
 Hogfather (1996)
 Jingo (1997)
 The Last Continent (1998)
 Carpe Jugulum (1998)
 The 5th Elephant (1999)
 The Truth (11/2000)
 Thief of Time (05/2001)
 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (10-11/2001)
 The Last Hero (illustrated, 10/2001)
 Night Watch (11/2002)
 The Wee Free Men (05/2003)
 The Streets of Ankh-Morpork (1993, with Stephen Briggs, map artwork by Stephen Player)
 The Discworld Mapp (1995, with Stephen Briggs, map artwork by Stephen Player)
 A Tourist Guide to Lancre (1998, with Stephen Briggs, map artwork by Paul Kidby)
 Death's Domain (1999, with/artwork by Paul Kidby)
 Disworld Diarys 1998-2003 (1997-2002, with Stephen Briggs, artwork by Paul Kidby)

 The Discworld Companion (with Stephen Briggs, first edition 1994, updated edition 1997)
 The Pratchett Portfolio (1996, with Paul Kidby)
 The Science of Discworld (1999, with Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen)
 The Science of Discworld II: The Globe (2002, with Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen)

 (diverse graphic novels, comics and plays)

Short Stories:
 The Hades Business (1963)
 Night Dweller (1965)
 Twenty Pence With Envelope and Seasonal Greetings (1987)
 Incubust (1988)
 Turntables of the Night (1989/1997)
 Hollywood Chickens (1990)
 #ifdefDEBUG + "WORLD/ENOUGH" + "TIME" (1990)
 The Secret Book of the Dead (Gedicht, 1991)
 Troll Bridge (1992)
 Theatre of Cruelty (1993)
 Let There Be Dragons (1993)
 Once And Future (1995)
 The Megabyte Drive to Believe in Santa Claus (1996)
 The Sea and Little Fishes (1998)

- Other Resources

 Terry Pratchett's Discworld Quizbook - The Unseen University Challenge (1996, Compiled by David Langford)
- LSpace, the ultimate resource for all Pratchett fans
- Newsgroup: alt.books.pratchett, one of the FAQs is here
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- Newsgroup:, German language newsgroup, and FAQ
- LSpace.DE, a website focusing on the original and the German editions of Terry Pratchett's works.


- Tom Holt

- Bibliography

 Lucia In Wartime (1985)
 Lucia Triumphant (1986)
 Expecting Someone Taller (1987)
 Who's Afraid of Beowulf? (1988)
 I, Margaret (1989, with Steve Nallon)
 Goatsong (1989)
 The Walled Orchard (1990)
 Flying Dutch (1991)
 Ye Gods! (1992)
 Overtime (1993)
 Here Comes The Sun (1993)
 Grailblazers (1994)
 Faust Among Equals (1994)
 Odds & Gods (1995)
 Djinn Rummy (1995)
 My Hero (1996)
 Paint Your Dragon (1997)
 Open Sesame (1997)
 Wish You Were Here (1998)
 Only Human (1999)
 Alexander At The World's End (1999, sequel to The Walled Orchard and Goatsong; the planned title "Alexander At The End Of The World" sounded better)
 Olympiad (2000, another historical novel in the spirit of Goatsong/Walled Orchard and Alexander)
 Snow White & The Seven Samurai (1999) [Sneak Preview]
 Valhalla (2000) [Sneak Preview]
 Nothing But Blue Skies (formerly known as: The Portable Door) (2001)
 Falling Sideways (2002)
 Little People (2002)
 The Portable Door (2003)
 A Song For Nero (2003)

Yet to come:
 Earth, Air, Fire and Custard (2005)

 Poems By Tom Holt (1973)
 Bitter Lemmings (1997)

Collected short stories & amalgamated drivel:
 Holt, Who Goes There? (1998)

Short Stories, filk and verse available on-line:
 Snow White & The Seven Samurai - Sneak Preview
 Valhalla - World Preview
 The God Who Came to Dinner
 Good Morning Neverland
 The Shoemaker and the Elves
 I Am the Very Model of a Usenet Personality
 Windows on My Mind
 Windows Upgraded
 The Compleat Trekwriter
 Book Signings

- Other Resources

- Calle's page about the author Tom Holt
- Newsgroup: alt.books.tom-holt, the FAQ is here


- Robert Rankin

- Bibliography

Brentford Series:
 The Antipope (1981)
 The Brentford Triangle (1982)
 East of Ealing (1984)
 The Sprouts of Wrath (1988)
 The Brentford Chainstore Massacre (1997)

Armageddon Trilogy:
 Armageddon the Musical (1990)
 They Came and Ate Us - Armageddon II: The B-Movie (1991)
 The Suburban Book of the Dead - Armageddon III: The Remake (1992)

Ultimate Truth Series:
 The Book of Ultimate Truths (1993)
 Raiders of the Lost Car Park (1994)
 The Greatest Show Off Earth (1994, not really part of the series)
 The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived (1995)
 The Garden of Unearthly Delights (1995)
 A dog Called Demolition (1996)
 Nostradamus Ate My Hamster (1996)
 Sprout Mask Replica (1997)
 The Dance of the Voodoo Handbag (1998)
 Apocalypso (1998)
 Snuff Fiction (1999)
 Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls (1999)
 Waiting for Godalming (2000)
 Web Site Story (2001)
 The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse (2002)
 The Witches of Chiswick (2003)
 Knees Up Mother Earth (2004)
 The Brightonomicon (2005)
 The Toyminatorn (2006)

- Other Resources

- Sproutlore, The Now Official Robert Rankin Fan Club
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- Neil Gaiman

Not quite as funny as those mentioned above, but still a very good read - and a bit of a special dark humour...

- Bibliography

The Sandman Series:
 Preludes & Nocturnes (1988-1989)
 The Doll's House (1989-1990)
 Dream Country (1990)
 Season of Mists (1990-1991)
 A Game of You (1991-1992)
 Fable's & Reflections (1991-1993)
 Brief Lives (1992-1993)
 World's End (1993)
 The Kindly Ones (1993-1995)
 The Wake (1995-1996)
 The High Cost of Living (1993)
 The Time of Your Life (1993-1997)

More Graphic Novels:
 The Books of Magic (1990-1991)
 Black Orchid (1989)
 Signal to Noise
 Mr. Punch (1994)
 Violent Cases (1987-1997)
 Spawn - the Angela Miniseries (1993-1994)
 Midnight Days (1989-1999)

 Neverwhere (1996)
 Stardust (1999)
 Good Omens (1990, with Terry Pratchett)
 The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish

Short Stories and Prose:
 Smoke and Mirrors (1999)
 Angels & Visitations

 Don't Panic - Douglas Adams & The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1989, 1993)
 The Sandman - Book of Dreams (1996, Short Story Collection, edited by Neil Gaiman and Ed Kramer)

- Other Resources

- Newsgroup: alt.books.neil-gaiman


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