Harmony and the Return of the Giant Earwig

by Tom Holt and Melody

(world preview)


(as posted in abt-h, chapter one by Tom, chapter two by Melody)

Chapter One.

  When Harmony woke up, she was surprised and more than a little
upset to discover that during the night, she'd turned into a giant earwig.
  "Bother," Harmony muttered, or words to that effect, as she
scuttled across the pillow, her multiple legs whizzing up and down
like typewriter keys...

Chapter Two

Harmony scuttled over to the PC ... and, eventually managing to disentangle
her many legs, got the durned thing to connect to the internet.
  "Right then" She muttered (In a strange earwiggy language) "Where's that
newsgroup? There's a certain author who has had a decidedly strange effect
on me overnight ... and I dont mean in *that* sort of way either!"

[Probably not] To be continued...

(It's based on some kind of in-joke, so don't worry if you don't fully understand...)


© 2000 e-mail Uwe Milde

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